About Nick’s Trucking & Excavating

Nick’s Trucking & Excavating was established in 1990 by Nick Walton himself. This company was literally built from the ground up, beginning with a dump truck, skid steer, backhoe loader, and a whole lot of ambition.  We provide residential excavation and driveway building for Balsam Lake and the surrounding areas.

The company grew steadily, adding employees, upgrading, and adding equipment.   Soon we became more involved with digging under homes for new basements, and before we knew it, our company was adding commercial projects doing site preps and pipe laying.

Today the company consists of nearly 20 employees and numerous pieces of equipment to fit all job sizes.  Excavators from 9,000 lbs to 57,000 lbs, quad axle dump trucks, hook trucks, plow trucks, and late model equipment provide productivity and efficiency to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Throughout the years, Nick has developed many great relationships and an outstanding reputation for quality work.

Dump Truck